Weather Proofing Your House for winter

Weather proofing your home can be done on just about any budget and the benefits are absolutely wonderful for every budget.

There are a number of benefits to weather proofing your home for the winter. These include both physical as well as financial benefits. No matter what winter weather proofing techniques you decide to use, the benefits will always be the same in the end.

There are things that can be done to a home to weather proof it for the winter on a limited budget. They can all be considered simple, do it yourself projects for the average homeowner these days. Following these suggestions will definitely keep a home warmer in the winter and easily decrease the power bill in the process.

Insulate the Windows

The windows are always a big problem for homes during the winter especially when they aren’t energy efficient windows. Older windows can be insulated by simply covering them on the inside with a plastic, see through covering of some kind. If you use blinds, place the plastic covering over them and pull the draw string through a hole you will make in the top corner of the plastic covering. This will allow you to control the blinds without having to remove the plastic covering.

 Adding Drapes or Shades

By simply adding drapes or shades to a window, cold leakage can be kept to a minimum. This works for both the window itself as well as the framed area around the window. Closing the shades at night when it is colder and opening them during the day when the sun can help warm the home is the perfect way to work this system.

 Door Draft Stoppers

Door draft stoppers are a great way of keeping the cold from seeping in under the door during the winter. Many doors have incredibly big gaps under them and this can become a very big problem during the winter. By placing a door draft stopper against the gap under a door, all of the cold air can be stopped in its tracks and this can completely change the temperature in a home instantaneously.

Do it Yourself Leak Fixing Technique

Fixing the leaks around the doors and windows in a home can make a world of difference in the temperature fluxuating in the home. The way to locate these leaks is simple. By lighting a candle and slowly moving it around window file2751240479171and door frames, air seeping in through cracks and holes can be located quite easily. Filling these cracks and holes can be easily accomplished with a little putty.

 Insulate the Water Heater

Energy costs can be decreased by 25-40% by simply wrapping the hot water heater with an insulated blanket. This suggestion is all about money savings but when heating bills can become absolutely unmanageable, saving money can be a wonderful benefit.

Weather proofing your home for winter is beneficial in more ways than imaginable. Take the time to try out a few of these amazing suggestions and enjoy the benefits of a warmer home and decreased power bill today.